I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

John 10:10

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…by Anneline Hunt

I had to get out of self denial and choose to believe;” I am who God says I am”. I had to trust God and step out of the boat into the waters of faith. Expecting to receive all that God Promises in His Word for my life. It was a journey of hope, faith and God’s amazing Grace and love. I discovered the true me and the awesome faithfulness of God. Now I can experience life to the fullest, a life where I have found favour with God through Jesus Christ. Not only do I now have a healthy body, but also a healthy mind and spiritual understanding.

To renew your mind is the most crucial part of the weight loss journey. According to 1 Thess 5: 23,24 we are made up of 3 parts, spirit, soul and body. Through the Word we can renew our minds and choose not to believe all the lies of the past that formed us but rather allow God’s Word to transform us into a new creation. When we come to the realization that we are a spirit (created in God’s image). Who have a mind and occupy a body. Our spirit is the true part of who we are. Then if the spirit part of you has authority over your mind, will and emotions then the body will follow.

This is the key to your victorious life; no longer will you be a slave to your flesh.

This is just not another diet program. I have in my life done everything to try to lose weight, and I have never successfully succeeded through the world systems. I would lose the weight just to gain it all back again and some, because I never had the revelation of how I was originally created by God. This Ten10 lifestyle will transform your whole being, and in time you will boast of a beautiful, healthy body. Every step of the way we will support you. Through weekly devotionals, eating plan, exercise plans and an online support system. You will find the true you and say farewell to the old victim and embrace the new, victorious you.

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